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Those who have been impacted by Dyskeratosis Congenita/Telomere Biology Disorders have a beautiful story to share. We want to hear your story and we want others to hear it too. We encourage you to use this forum to share your experiences, with the hope that it will offer encouragement to those who read it, and provide a way for families to connect and support one another. This forum is not intended as a vehicle for promoting other charities or personal causes. Therefore we ask that your submissions not include solicitations for donations or promotions of any kind. We reserve the right to edit content deemed inappropriate in this regard.
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KaitlinGene: RTEL1

Gene: RTEL1

Kaitlin, age 20, was diagnosed with aplastic anemia in 2005 at the age of 7. Before that she had significant developmental delay. The diagnosis of Dyskeratosis Congenita took two more years and a trip to the NIH to join the Inherited Bone Marrow Failure Study. Kaitlin...

Jeni ColterGene: TERT

Jeni Colter
Gene: TERT

In 2015 our daughter, Megan, was diagnosed with moderate Aplastic Anemia, bone marrow failure at the age of 13. As part of that diagnosis process, she had extensive testing to try and determine the cause. That process included telomere length testing. We were told she...

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