Centers of Excellence

Team Telomere is thrilled to open our inaugural application cycle for Team Telomere’s Centers of Excellence in 2024!

The goal of Team Telomere’s Centers of Excellence (CoE) program is to identify centers that are committed to excellence in advancing coordinated care, comprehensive care, advocacy and support, education, collaboration, and research for the Telomere Biology Disorder community. CoEs will be highlighted as cornerstone centers for patients and clinical centers looking to connect to trusted high-quality care.

Benefits of Being a Designated Team Telomere Centers of Excellence for Telomere Biology Disorders

  • Formal Listing: CoEs will be listed on Team Telomere’s official website and CoE heat map. This listing will highlight the details of the center, specialists available, and steps on how patients can get connected, helping patients and other care centers easily find and connect with the center.
  • Increased Visibility: Team Telomere will regularly communicate about CoEs through mass and individual communications with the community. Social media posts and direct correspondence with newly-diagnosed individuals will be utilized to increase visibility and patient engagement.
  • Collaborative Network: CoEs gain increased access to a collaborative network of other centers dedicated to excellence in the TBD community. Sharing best practices with other members will lead to improved patient care, management, treatment approaches, and expanded research collaboration. CoE meetings will be facilitated by Team Telomere to promote collaboration twice yearly.
  • Expanded Patient Referrals: CoEs should anticipate a growth in patient referrals from other institutions and organizations, resulting in an increased patient base and enhanced clinical experience.
  • Enhanced Credibility: Being part of Team Telomere’s CoE program will enhance the center’s credibility within the scientific and medical community.
  • Recognition for Leading Efforts in TBD Space: CoEs will be recognized as leading efforts in the TBD field. By being part of this dynamic network, CoEs will contribute to advancements in comprehensive and coordinated care, while advancing education, advocacy, and research, establishing themselves as forefront and cornerstone centers in the field.

Application Details

The application cycle for Team Telomere’s Centers of Excellence will be open once a year starting in February and closing in April. The review committee will consist of the Team Telomere scientific committee members, and patient feedback on centers will be collected through a separate form administered by Team Telomere.

The key dates for this application cycle are as follows:

  • Applications Open: February 5th, 2024
  • Application Deadline: April 5th, 2024 5PM ET
  • Application Decision Date: May 10th, 2024

Please note that if your center lacks the required specialists, management, and/or treatment modalities, we will evaluate your application at an alternate tier level. In this case, it is also required to include a detailed plan outlining how your center intends to address these deficiencies in your application.

Applications must be submitted through our portal linked below.

Each CoE should designate a team lead. This team lead will be responsible for submitting the application, responding to application follow-up questions, and maintaining communication with Team Telomere regarding updates and renewal.

Community Feedback

We are calling Telomere Biology Disorder community members to share their experiences with care centers providing TBD care. Your insights are extremely valuable to identifying centers providing trusted high-quality care for TBDs. We invite you to fill out the short survey below with your experiences and thoughts.

Contact Us

Please direct any questions regarding Team Telomere’s Centers of Excellence to

On behalf of the TBD community – thank you for your commitment to advancing care for TBD patients.