Community Chats

Team Telomere made Community Chats to be safe spaces for those in the Telomere Biology Disorder community to connect with others, ask questions to experts in the fields, and learn more about TBDs. Each chat has an overarching theme, and individuals can register in advance to attend chats.

April 9, 2024 – 7pm ET

Young Adults & Transition of Healthcare – Dr. Tim Olson

Young adults with Telomere Biology Disorders navigate unique medical and psychosocial challenges. From those who were diagnosed in childhood that are transitioning from pediatric to adult care to those diagnosed as adolescents or young adults, this Community Chat offers a space to ask young adult and transition of care questions as well as to connect with others community members having similar questions. The chat will be led by Dr. Tim Olson, a pediatric hematologist at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, who cares for those with TBDs and conducts research to improve treatment for these individuals.

May 7, 2024 – 7pm ET

Liver and Telomere Biology Disorders – Dr. Ryan Himes

Liver complications in those with Telomere Biology Disorders can span a range of presentations. Dr. Ryan Himes, a pediatric hepatologist (liver disease specialist) at Ochsner Health in New Orleans and Clinical Assistant Professor at Louisiana State University Health Science Center-Shreveport, is interested in the liver manifestations of telomere biology disorders and the role of liver transplantation for select patients. Join this community chat for a highly informative session and space to ask questions that you may have related to this topic.