Legacy was developed during 2018 with the objectives of offering:

  • Support and offering a chance for those who have lost loved ones to DC a place to share unfiltered perspectives about their experience with DC.
  • A point of connection to stay informed about what’s going on with the Team Telomere community, including initiative, projects, and Team Telomere’s shared vision.
  • Opportunities for those who have lost loved ones to grieve and use their energy to cope and help others within the Team Telomere community.

We’d also like to offer ourselves as resources to the rest of our community who may be at a point of making difficult choices and realizations. This often happens during times of palliative care and/or hospice. Having someone on the other end of the phone or in correspondence that was in a similar place can be very helpful. Team Telomere’s slogan at one time was “You are never alone”. Legacy is here to help others that may be coping with loss or the end stages of DC find a place where they will not feel alone when they are looking for true comfort, non-judgment and understanding from others.

To become connected with or learn more about Legacy, please contact us at info@teamtelomere.org.