Video Educational Series

During our biannual Camp Sunshine in 2023, we recorded the educational sessions delivered by many of our experts. These sessions reflect many of the areas of our community’s needs and are available for on-demand viewing.

At our Camp Sunshine in 2023, we brought together an exceptional lineup of speakers with expertise in hematology, hepatology, pulmonology, genetic counseling and family planning, psychosocial support, cancer, pediatrics, adult care, young adult transition and care, rare disease advocacy, therapies, transplantation, and TBD research.

Keynote Speaker
Telomere Biology Disorders 101
Genetic Counseling & Family Planning
Psychosocial Session
Liver Complications & Transplant
Hermatologic Complications
Teen and Young Adult Care and Transition
Children Routine Health
Adult Routine Health: Hematologic Management
Patient-Centered Research
Non-Transplant Therapies for Bone Marrow Failure in TBDs
Policy 101
Cancer in Telomere Biology Disorders
Bone Marrow Transplantation for TBDs
Research Advances in TBDs