Community Support

There are so many ways to join the fight against Telomere Biology Disorders. Your financial support and personal involvement helps families and provides the medical community with the funds needed to research finding causes, effective treatments and to educate other medical providers.

Community Chats

Team Telomere made Community Chats to be safe spaces for those in the Telomere Biology Disorder community to connect with others, ask questions to experts in the fields, and learn more about TBDs. Each chat has an overarching theme, and individuals can register in advance to attend chats.

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Community Stories

Those who have been impacted by Telomere Biology Disorders have a beautiful story to share. We want to hear your story and we want others to hear it too. We encourage you to use this forum to share your experiences, with the hope that it will offer encouragement to those who read it, and provide a way for families to connect and support one another. 

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Care Package Program

The clinical care guidelines for Telomere Biology Disorder-associated medical complications provide background and general clinical guidance as we await comprehensive clinical trials on the management of the multiple complications in TBD/DC.

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Legacy Box

To those of you that have lost a loved one to a Telomere Biology Disorder, we’d love to honor them and help comfort you. The Legacy Program was developed to support those that have lost someone from a Telomere Biology Disorder, to ensure you that even through loss you still have community.

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Nancy Cornelius Scholarship Fund

Team Telomere’s Founder, Nancy Cornelius had a vision that “No one should ever be alone”. She ignited a community that continues to grow and connect. Nancy fought Dyskeratosis Congenita with hope and courage. Shortly before her passing, she funded a college scholarship for children and young adults with Telomere Biology Disorders. Nancy thrived while giving everything she had to science and our community.

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