Dominic aged 33 was the most gentle soul you could ever meet and to those lucky enough to be in his life were truly blessed with the love and support he gave them while fighting his own battle daily. I know I speak for all my family when I say he truly was the bravest strongest most courageous warrior in our life. He was with out a doubt the biggest Chelsea football club supporter he travelled to many matches when his health allowed him with his biggest supporter in this life our daddy. He loved to play pool for his local county one of his many talents and again he had the support of his mammy and daddy always no matter what he tried they were both in his corner supporting him they were the proudest parents ever and also heartbroken over his battles with his health but still living his life his way. He absolutely loved the title uncle he adored his only nephew and 2 niece’s he loved his brother in law as if he was his blood they grew a special bond too. I know as his only sister he was extremely proud of the woman I had become and he was such a support to me. I am so thankful of the special moments just me and Dominic had I’m so grateful Dominic knew how much he was loved we had shared so many memories together it was never enough but I will carry them with me and I will forever honour his memory and we talk about him every single day he made such an impact on the lives of those closest to him that it is impossible to ever forget somone so unique and special his love will be forever missed here in this earth forever young Dom 💙